MIRE means Mirror Reality. We are an italian creative studio specializing in 3D graphics and VR solutions for architecture, interior design and more. We focus on the newest achievements of 3D art to deliver creative ways to visualize your project.

We are proud to share our first online spot, featuring our range of services including 360° Architectural Environments, Virtual Reality and online Interactive 3D Visualizers. The spot shows how our products work and where they can be useful:

  • VR for Architectural Visualization: Virtual Reality can help architects and agencies to show new projects to their clients. They can wander around and interact with the environment as if it was real. Even with some little limitations, virtual reality can be enjoyed on smartphones, too: no need to bring a huge PC to show an environment on the run. Use your smartphone and a pair of foldable cardboard VR glasses.
  • Interactive Environments: with a few and intuitive controls, customers can now watch how their environment will look like in every hour of the day, change the appearance of furniture, walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Museums and Education: Augmented Reality brought new ways to tell stories and spread culture. Museum visitors can use their smartphone to discover every secrets of a painting, which can even be animated to re-enact the story they are telling. Statues can be recreated in 3D to show their smallest details.
  • Online Catalogs and E-Commerce: standard 3D visualizers are already common on e-commerce websites, but now the possibilities are nearly endless. They can work effortlessly on smartphones and tablets and products can even be placed in a 3D or 360° environment to show how they will look like in real life. An online catalog, instead of a classic photo album, can become a 3D environment where visitors can select a product, customize it and then buy it at their local store or directly on the website.

You can already try some demos we have developed to show our vision:

The spot can be watched on our YouTube Channel, too.

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